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2014 Cricket Season Starts

Practice of Sreeshti Cricket team for the upcoming season is in full swing. Here are some photos  of the net practice sessions.

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Sreeshti Cup Soccer 2008

October 18th and 19th put Sreeshti on a bigger map of sporting event organizers for greater causes. After organizing a successful cricket tournament in August to raise fund for the flood victims in India, this time Sreeshti organized a truly colorful Soccer tournament to support and raise funds for the efforts of CRY America (Child Rights and You).This time the tournament was organized to create more awareness about Sreeshti’s effort to help and support the less fortunate ones, and Corporate America responded by sponsoring 6 teams to participate in this two day event. Citi, Qualcomm, Cevian, Tata Consulting Services (TCS), Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) and Mercedes sponsored one team each for this tournament. The Jewelry House ‘Chintamani’ of South Plainfield, NJ also partially sponsored the event.The venue was Middlesex VoTech Soccer Ground at Piscataway and each nine-a-side game was 20 minutes each half with a 10 minute break. Extra times were 7 minutes each half with 6 minutes break.

The event was truly international in the spirit and participation. Soccer players from 9 different countries played in this tournament.

All preliminary round games were played on 17th and two semifinals and the final was played on Sunday.

In the preliminary round from Group A Qualcomm and TCS sailed through the semis and from Group B Cevian made to the finals easily after beating Cognizant with a convincing 3-1.

The semifinal between TCS and Qualcomm was very exciting. At one point Qualcomm was playing with eight players, but with a superb show of determination and excellent teamwork they beat TCS 2-1 to reach the finals.

The final between Cevian and Qualcomm started merely 45 minutes after Quaqlcomm played their semi against TCS. This time also Qualcomm held their fort against the eight power horses of Cevian for 40 minutes, thanks to the determined effort of their defense and goal-keeper. Only during the second half of the extra time Cevian took control of the field and scored three goals within a span of 6 minutes to become the Champion of the tournament.

Sreeshti is seeking participation from enthusiasts for this soccer competition!

The tournament would have a group league phase followed by Semi-Finals and Final.
6 teams will be participating in the tournament purely on an invitational basis and all teams are guaranteed 2 group league games at minimum.
The tournament will be held on 18 and 19th October. Matches start at 8am.

Among its various missions & objectives, Sreeshti believes in a better world for every child. Sreeshti has hence partnered with CRY – Child Rights & You America Inc. to promote, highlight and support to CRY’s various initiatives for children.

We at Sreeshti, plan to make this fund raising event, a part of our yearly calendar as well as a fun event for players and families. 
We strongly recommend that you come to the event with your friends and families and share the spirit of theevent.

To register, fill out this form and return it to usbefore 20th September.

A nominal fee of $150 per team is required to ensure your participation.

For more information, please feel free to contact:
Pinaki Datta (732-925-4031)
Debaditya Chatterjee (412-334-6134 )
Niloy Chakraborty(570-815-2029)
Debajyoti Roy(732-895-0337)


  • The matches will be 9-a-side. Each participant team can register up to 15 players
  • The matches will be held in 20-10-20 format (20 minutes each half with 10 minutes of half time). Final will be 30-15-30.
  • Tournament will be held in a 6 team format with 2 groups of 3 teams each. After the respective round robin playoffs in each group, the top 2 teams from each group will qualify for the semi final.
  • Each team will be allowed up to 6 substitutes per game with no rolling substitution
  • Standard FIFA rules of soccer apply in terms of cards, off-side et al.
  • The tournament is for corporate soccer clubs/enthusiasts. Each team will be a representative for their respective employers. Employees and consultants are welcome to participate. Random verification of employer affiliation may be carried out during the tournament
  • Participating teams are recommended to use jersey for their own team
  • All individuals will have to sign a insurance waiver form. Sreeshti, CRY America or any individual associated with organizing the tournament will not be responsible for any injuries/insurance coverage/medical condition
  • Tournament will have prizes for the Champions, the Runner-up apart from several individual prizes
  • Organizers reserve the right to change the date, the venue or the format of the tournament, until the tournament commences
  • Resolution of dispute will be carried on by he organizing team and their decision in any such matter is deemed final.

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Stelton Road to Kilmer road (near Edison train station), make a right at Truman drive (first signal). The ground iswhere Truman Drive makes a sharp left turn.

Sreeshti Cup Cricket 2008

8 A Side Cricket tournament
Sunday July 27, 2008
Kilmer road /Truman Drive Cricket ground, Piscataway.
The much anticipated ‘Sreeshti Cup 2008’ cricket tournament, to raise funds for the flood victims of Bengal and Orissa, has been a great success !
The second semi final and the final were washed out because of a downpour and had to be resumed 2 weeks later.

The tournament started at 8.00 am with ‘Sreeshti’ playing ‘Cosmopolitan’. It was a shaky start for Sreeshti with only 27 runs in 6 overs.
However, the hosts showed their prowess in all departments of fielding and contained ‘Cosmopolitan’ to 21 in 6 overs to reach the semi final..
Deba took an unbelievable catch that can easily be compared with the incredible catches taken by the likes of Jonty Rhodes or Yuvraj Singh.
Everyone was pleasantly relieved with the ‘return’ of Shuvro in the bowling department and he was at his best in the last over, where the visitors needed 11 to win but managed to get only 4 with the loss of one wicket.
The other six teams also showed their skills on the ground and one local team ‘Invincible’ cleared the first semi final to reach the final.
The second semi final was between Sreeshti and ‘Bombay Boys’ a Pennsylvania team led by, none-other-than-our-own Anindya Basu. Deba started with Piku at the crease, but came back after facing only two balls.
A stupendous knock of 31 by Ripon with three 4s and 1 huge six with an unbelievable rock solid partnership with Piku of 24 runs put Sreeshti at 63/1 after 8 overs. It was a treat to see Ripon coming back to his form this season.
During the innings of Bombay Boys the rain started and we had to abandon the game after 5 overs and 2 balls with the visitors needing 31 runs off 19 balls to win with 5 wickets in hand.

Café Amor, a local fast food deli, sponsored the lunch. The wraps with mouthwatering variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian gourmet items were savored by all.
The main sponsor of our tournament was ‘NIIT’ with ‘Gutenberg Communication’ as grand sponsor. Apple, Godiva, Costco and Starbucks supported the tournament by offering Itunes gift cards, cases of water and Starbucks Coffee Gift cards respectively.
Our tournament was covered by a local newspaper and few Indian community portals including IndianEra.

The final was played on Sunday August 10, between Sreeshti and Invincible, at the Kilmer Road ground.

The Invincible successfully defended their title and won the match by 21 runs. They are the Sreeshti Cup 2008 champions.

Event coverage reports from IndianEra (photos), South Asian Times

Few weeks earlier, West Bengal and Orissa experienced severe floods due to incessant rains for 5 days. Unfortunately rural areas of these states were affected and hundreds of thousands lost their homes and are now facing severe hardship.

International relief funds are far from adequate to help the victims.

We at Sreeshti, wish to extend our assistance to the victims of this natural disaster.
As part of the noble initiative, Sreeshti is organizing 8-a-side, one-day cricket tournament to raise funds for the victims.

All proceeds from this tournament will be donated to one or more charitable organizations that are working directly with the victims (Ramakrishna Mission and Bharat Sevasram Sangha).

The dates of the tournament are Sunday July 27 2008. (Reserve day: Sunday August 3, 2008) at the Kilmer Road Ground of Piscataway, New Jersey.

It would be appreciated if your team joins this fund raising effort. We would appreciate if you spread the word around as well. Even if you, or your group can’t participate, you are cordially invited to watch the tournament and make it a successful event.

We are collecting a minimum $50 per team as admission fee for participating in the tournament. You are, however, most welcome to make bigger contributions for this noble cause. We have decided to accept 8 teams for the tournament, on a first-come-first-served basis.
Please forward your confirmation by July 16, 2008 to the following persons.

1. Abhy ( 732.619.3648 / abhy_m@hotmail.com)
2. Deba (412.334.6134 / debaditya.chatterjee@gmail.com)
3. Ripon (732.895.0337 / ripon@hotmail.com)
4. Subhasis (732.213.0372 / ssarkar74@hotmail.com)

Do not hesitate to contact us for your participation or other questions:


Team Reporting Time Toss Match Start Time
Invincible A
Josh B
7:30 7:40 7:45
Pistacataway C
WhyKing D
8:30 8:40 8:45
Bombay Boyz E
Starz F
9:30 9:40 9:45
Cosmopolitan G
Sreeshti H
10:30 10:40 10:45

Break Time: 12 Noon – 1:15pm

Semi Final I (A or B) vs (C or D) 1:20 1:30
SemiFinal II (E or F) vs (G vs H) 2:40 2:45
Final 4:25pm
Presentation 6:00pm


  • NO LBW or legbye. Ball becomes dead. However if it hits the leg and goes on to hit the stumps the batsman will be out.
  • In case of a tie, we will play a super over. Each team will have 3 designated batters and 1 designated bowler. Which ever team scores most will win. If the 2 teams are still tied we will go for a toss.
  • Each bowler can bowl a maximum of 2 overs.
  • Width of the pitch is one bat from the middle stump. Anything outside will be a wide in the offside. Anything down the legside is also a wide.
  • The captain and the bowler can get into a discussion with the umpire. Other fielders cannot question the umpire for any decision made on the field.
  • Each team is allowed to register 10 players. At no time they can bring in another member from outside.
  • Umpires will be provided by Sreeshti
  • We will award a Man of the match for each match. Apart from the mom we will have a man of the series, highest wicket taker and highest run getter.
  • The first round matches will have 6 overs per innings and the semi-finals and finals will have 8 overs per innings.

Stelton Road to Kilmer road (near Edison train station), make a right at Truman drive (first signal). The ground is where Truman Drive makes a sharp left turn.