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Sreeshti is member subscription + donation driven. We have no other sources of income. Occasionally there are sponsors for particular events and stall fees from vendors.

Sreeshti members pay a nominal annual fee of $60. That covers administrative, accounting, legal and website hosting costs.

In addition to the $60, members also pay a certain amount to cover the cost of conducting various events throughout the year. So, if members (or anyone else for that matter) participate in Sreeshti events such as Saraswati Puja, Pochishe Boishakh, Summer Picnic, 15th August, New Years Eve Party etc, they pay a donation amount to cover actual costs of hosting that event. We only collect what we need.

All Sreeshti office bearers volunteer their time.

The annual subscription of Sreeshti Membership is $60.00 and PayPal charges $4.00 per transaction.

If using Paypal (link on the sidebar), you will be charged $64 as membership dues for the current year. If you decide to hand in a check/cash you can just pay $60.

All members are required to pay their dues in the month on January. If you are joining late in the year, you can wait till next Jan to pay.

From 2016 Sreeshti is introducing a DONOR Program
Donor Program :
1.     The Donors can be a Non-Member or a Member – who wants to upgrade to a Donor.
2.     Suggested donation from a Donor is $ 200
3.     If you are a member and wants to upgrade to a Donor , you are required to pay only $200 ( this includes your $110 Saraswati puja donation + $60 yearly membership fee).

Basically you are upgrading to a Donor just by paying $60 extra.

Benefits of being a Donor :
§  Name on Sreeshti Website & Facebook front page
§  Free access to next cultural program i.e. Barsha Boron (your contribution will be waived)
§  Assigned Parking close to entrance during Saraswati Puja
§  Assigned seating arrangements at the front rows
§  Name will be announced on stage
§  Special food packet from Sreeshti

Thank you for your interest in Sreeshti!
Send an email to hello@sreeshti.org for more details.