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Soccer Championship(Men/Women/Kid)

Sreeshti of NJ is pleased to announce it’s first ever Charity Soccer event “2018 Annual Soccer tournament” on 2nd June 2018.
You are cordially invited with your family and friends to participate or volunteer for this Charity event.

Tournament Details:
The tournament will comprise of qualifying league games with medals for the winners and runners up in each category

Men’s team plays 5 a side. Women or Kids team plays 6/7 a side.
Refreshments will be available
Participants are invited to register under following categories

Men – Adult(18 yrs and above)
Women – Adult( 18 yrs and above)
Kids – (8 yrs to 17 yrs)

To enter this tournament individual participants need to RSVP by May 31st.
No entries will be accepted after May 31st. Registration on the day of event at the Venue.The entry fee will be $12/adult and $6/Kid

Team sheets and a copy of the rules will be forwarded with your letter of acceptance (by e-mail preferably)

Contact Person:
Name: Samrat Saha
Email: saha.samrat1982@gmail.com
Mob: (848) 209-7586 (call directly for Soccer related queries).

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact EC members

We look forward to seeing you in early June.