Soccer Championship(Men/Women/Kid) 2020

Soccer Tournament – Enjoy a series of live videos of the game



We are pleased to announce the Annual Sreeshti Soccer Tournament championship on 18th Oct Sunday from 11 AM TILL 4PM at Millpond Soccer complex, Millpond Park/Mill Soccer field #1 (29 Mill Pond Road, Belle Mead, NJ 08502).

After last year’s grand success, we are pleased to invite all players and their families to support the event and make it even bigger this year. We would encourage social distancing and wearing masks all the time except during the games. Safety is our highest priority.

This year, the soccer tournament will be held among six teams (the detail will be published in the following weeks). Each team will have 12 players squad with playing 10. There would be official referees from professional soccer academy and all the rules will be as per FIFA. All the players must adhere to the rules and regulations as stated by the referees. All the team lists must be submitted by the 6th Oct eod to Sreeshti’s sports sec. Samrat Saha.

There would be games for ladies and children and conducted by the official referees in the shorter format on the field#3. Woman player participation fee is $15 which includes solid soccer game and fantastic lunch plus exciting prizes.
We encourage family members to participate in the same. For the ladies game, the captains need to collect the names from their players and send them to our club’s Vice President Ranjita or Media Sec Deepali by 11th Oct.

The participation fee is $25 per player which needs to be collected by the teams’ captains and send to Samrat by 11th Oct ($300/team). The participation fee includes free lunch and a bottle of water. Due to covid safety measures, the food will be cooked food and boxed and will be given to the players (Male and female) only. There would be food available at the venue pay per basis for the family members/kids with reasonable price. We will encourage all the players carry their own drinks to avoid any cross contamination as we care about safety and health.

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Sreeshti is a cultural, social and sporting organization based in the East coast of North America, representing the vibrant Indian and Bengali community of the area. Our mandate is to promote Bengali artistic activities – including art, literature, cinema, theater and sports – in the United States and use the same in fund raising ventures for charitable causes.

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